Mail Order Brides – Find Best Dating Sites With Real Brides


Few single men would care to admit that they want to get married and settle down. However, recent research from the British scientists have explicitly proven that men experience higher levels of happiness hormones after marriage. We’ve grown to believe that women are the ones aspiring to marriage, while in reality, a solid union brings men more peace and happiness than they care to think or to admit.

But suppose the thought of getting married has crossed your mind already, and now you just can’t find the right match? In practice, more and more Western ladies prioritize their own self-development and careers over building a family. That is why even if they do get married, they do not make the kind of wives to make their husbands happy.

Still, there is no reason to be frustrated by the gloomy picture because the world is getting smaller each day, and a family-centered man can easily look for a good match outside of his immediate environment. This is exactly where mail order brides websites come in, and we are here to tell you how these services work, what you can expect from them and how to choose a reliable platform you can trust.

Mail order brides services vs. mainstream dating sites

Some men mistake mail order brides websites for the mainstream dating sites; others, on the contrary, get confused by the whole mail order term, thinking they can literally have a person mailed to their doorstep. The reality, however, is somewhere in between. In practice, mail order brides services do work pretty much like a dating platform — with a single, quite important difference. Such services cater to long-term heterosexual relationships, with the end goal of finding an opposite-sex life partner. Unlike most dating sites that welcome people regardless of their relationship goals and sexual orientations, mail order brides websites have more ‘traditional’ filters.

Another difference is that absolutely all mail order brides sites operate on the commercial basis. The fees may differ from platform to platform, but on the whole, the basic subscription that allows men to communicate with the ladies will come at around $20 per month. This is not much if you think about the costs of traditional dating. As to why you would need to pay, think about this as another filter. It helps to ensure all users have serious intentions in mind, sorting out people who simply do not know what to do with their time.

Besides, international dating platforms invest a lot of time and effort into background work that, in turn, requires some monetary compensation for the stuff involved. Here, we do not just mean hiring a team of developers once and getting the site ready. User safety and confidentiality are highly important to marriage sites, which is why they screen all women’s identity to make sure customers are 100% protected from fraud. So, for a quite moderate fee, a gentleman will be certain that all women on a mail order brides platform are real people, serious about finding a partner abroad.

As to why these women would look for a match so far from home, the reasons may differ. Since there are plenty of mail order brides websites out there, the motives differ a lot depending on the particular region. One thing is certain — it’s not just about money or financial stability (differently from what a lot of men would believe). So, let’s look at the list of countries who supply the most mail order brides, along with these ladies’ potential motives.

Mail order brides by country: top destinations for a groom

  • Russia: we all know how large that country is, so it’s no wonder why so many beautiful brides come from this region. As a bonus, you can also find Slavic brides from the neighboring countries of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. These gorgeous Slavic beauties outnumber men in their home countries, so it’s statistically tricky for them to find a good match at home.
  • China: one more vast country that is also heavily populated. Here, most ladies are hoping to get a bit more attention and affection than they can get at home. It’s no secret that Asia, in general, remains a highly patriarchal region, and such rigid traditions become stiffening sooner or later. So, hot Chinese brides work hard to escape their chauvinistic environments — after all, such loving and affectionate ladies know they deserve a better attitude in life.
  • The Philippines: one more destination that is neither too well-off economically, nor perfect in its perception of women. Philippine women toil hard alongside their men but get very little recognition for their efforts. So, they are essentially looking for a man who’d treat them right.
  • Brazil: one more chauvinistic country, pretty much like the rest of South America. Machismo culture presupposes male dominance and little regard for their women. Many ladies are physically and emotionally abused in the country, and regularly cheating on a wife is seen as a normal part of the machismo lifestyle. So, once again — little wonder that such gorgeous Latino women get tired of it and start looking for a better match aboard.
  • Japan: one cannot say that women are treated poorly in Japan. Besides, the male-female ratio, as well as the overall living and economic conditions in this highly developed country are also quite favorable. However, there is a huge cultural difference that does not contribute to a happy family: the Japanese overwork — a lot. This country has the highest workplace stress level, and most professionals stay at work for at least 12 extra hours a week. At some point, gorgeous Japanese brides start looking for a home where work stress is not something universal — so they would have a chance to focus on their families.

This, of course, is just a quick list of countries that supply the most mail order brides. In practice, your brides’ selection will not be limited to these five destinations. International dating websites work all over Europe, Asia, and Latin America. You can find seductive ladies from Taiwan, India, Peru, Mexica — you name it. Once again, they may have different reasons for dating online; however, most of them are not looking for better financial conditions — what they are genuinely interested in is a loving husband by their side.

Most mail order brides will not speak the native language of the man they are marrying. Although mail order brides will communicate in English, you will need to be able to communicate with the other person. A translator or interpreter can help you overcome this problem. It’s important to understand that people have different cultures and customs. Be patient and understand that there’s no right or wrong way to choose a wife. When choosing the best mail order brides website, make sure you look for a site that includes a wide variety of options. You may be surprised at how many options you’ll have to choose from!

Women on international dating sites: what to expect

Of course, a lot here will depend on the destination you choose, but we suggest thinking for a moment: if a lady is determined to find a husband and would go to such lengths as to register with an online dating service, what kind of wife would she make? Our answer — a really good one. Here are just some features most mail order brides have in common:

Focus on traditional family values

No matter if your bride-to-be comes from Norway or India, she’s most likely a very family-centered person. The mere fact that she aspires to get married accounts for that. So, with a mail order bride, a family-centered man will most likely get the life he’s secretly dreaming of — coming back home to a tidy and clean house, with dinner already cooked and served. More importantly, it means coming back home to a woman who’s waiting for him with a cheerful smile —because a woman like this will not see household routine as some sacrifice she’s forced to make.

Great devotion to their husbands and children

One more thing most women who are determined to get married have in common is their willingness to take care of their children and husbands. Sometimes, the notion will be a part of your bride’s mentality — for example, most Slavic and Asian countries still advocate for traditional family values where the wife in charge of the household, while the man does the breadwinning and is responsible for the financial aspects of running a house. However, even if you marry a woman from Western Europe, it’s quite possible that she would share this world outlook. After all, if a lady registers with a mail order brides service, it implies that she wants to invest in her future family, not her potential career.

Open mind and easy-going personalities

Finally, there is this one little (but still highly important) detail to consider. Ladies willing to relocate to a new country and culture are obviously not afraid of a challenge and have an adventurous nature. And we all know that a reasonable person who also happens to be adventurous usually has the finest, the most appealing personality. Such women are easy to be around, and they have what it takes to turn a daily routine into a little adventure. Mail order brides are simply fun to be around, and they don’t get scared easily — no matter what challenges life may have in store for them.

Choosing a reliable brides service: how-to’s

Now that you’re pretty convinced you should at least try a couple of brides services, the question is — how do you choose a trustworthy one? While there are plenty of legitimate mail order brides websites, the choice is not only about the site’s reputation; it’s also about what you are looking for in a dating platform and, of course, your ideal bride. So, while there are no universal guidelines on choosing a dating site, we can still point out several criteria to consider before registering with a particular service.

Consider your destination

Most mail order brides services operate within one particular country or region. The latter one is more common if the countries in question are not that heavily populated — for example, single ladies from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia can be found either on separate platforms for each country or on generalized sites dealing with Baltic mail order brides. The same goes for Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine — you can find separate dating sites for each country or just join a platform that works with Slavic brides from all of these countries. Asian singles can also be found on separate platforms, especially if the country is large, like China or India. Latin American brides — the same logic.

So, the trick is deciding at least approximately which beauties appeal to you the most. We do understand that it might be tough to limit your choice to just one country — especially when you are new to the world of online dating — so you can choose an entire region instead and see which particular country appeals to you the most. If you like hot Latino women — go for this region; Asian beauties — choose an Asian service that offers a mix of brides from multiple countries; if you are into Europeans —go for Baltic or Slavic brides to get started.

Determine the site’s demographics

Figuring out your destination is the first step. Next, you should consider the primary demographics of a dating website. Most of the time, you will find young women, somewhere in their mid-twenties up to their mid-thirties. This age range is the principal demographics on any dating platform, and mail order brides services are not an exception. However, you can also try websites that cater to people in their late forties and older — they are often called ‘senior’ dating sites, even though the term is not exactly politically correct. On the other hand, ‘mail order brides’ also has a weird ring to it; so, forgive the dating niche its slang terms and just focus on your image of an ideal bride. There is definitely a site that can offer you just that.

Think of how much you are planning to spend

An average subscription cost (that presupposes communication —texts, emails, chats, etc.) comes at approximately $20 per month. However, most single gentlemen end up spending around $50 on dating services because most websites offer a set of extra perks on top of the regular communication menu. Those can be anonymous browsing modes, sending real-time gifts to your matches, translating messages, etc.

So, it’s not uncommon to see a site that would offer basic subscription and some extra services available for additional cash/pre-purchased virtual credits. Some platform can also charge clients on a per-service basis (i.e., for every letter sent/minutes of chats used). Such an option is also legitimate but may prove to be costlier at the start — when you are communicating with several ladies instead of just one or two.

Make a list of services you’re going to use regularly

Depending on the platform, clients can make use of several communication means. Most of the time, you will have a vast choice of options, from live chats with/without video to emails and text messages. Some other platforms will focus on letters rather than on chats. So, before choosing a suitable subscription, find out what’s included in the final cost and whether you are going to need these features. Also, note that help with travel and marriage accommodation, as well as any gifts you send to your match, are also charged extra — if you are using these services, of course. So, if you are not going to communicate a lot, you may even go for a per-service subscription at first — to see which communication means you enjoy the most.

More signs that indicate a reliable agency

  • Free sign up. This is an absolute must. No reputable platform will charge you registration fees.
  • Detailed, polished up profiles. Once you log in for free, take a look at the profiles — you should be able to see quite a lot of them. Most ladies who’ve set their minds on getting married will have detailed profile descriptions and professional looking pics. In fact, an agency will often supply ladies with a pro photo shoot.
  • Comprehensive prices and extensive services. This should also be a no-brainer — you should understand what you’re paying for and how much.
  • Profile verification. Most importantly — an agency should ensure ID verification. This helps prevent online fraud, which is the primary reason people are using paid dating services.

Final tips on using brides services

Most of the time, an average gentleman would spend at least six months looking for a good match, so our final word of advice would be to stay patient. Once you have chosen a platform that satisfies you, take some time looking around and start communicating with several ladies. At this stage, you should not have any ethical concerns — no one forces you to marry the first girl you’re chatting with. So, chat all you want — finding a good partner online has an upside, but is also associated with several challenges. At some point, you should meet a beautiful bride who’ll have a special place in your heart. Then, you can think of visiting her in person and seeing if you two have a chance at starting a strong and lasting family together.