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Find an Amazing Wife on Russian Brides Sites

Have you ever wondered why fewer and fewer marriages last these days? Why so many couples end up in divorce, leaving both partners disappointed in each other and the concept of marriage, in general? While this phenomenon is complex and widespread, we’d still dare to describe it in a few words: social and family roles have shifted, and people have a hard time adjusting to this change.

The situation is especially true for men who are hoping to find a loving and supporting lady by their side but end up living with women who focus on their own careers rather than on their husbands and households. This goes against most men’s idea of a perfect family, causing even more confusion and misunderstanding.

At some point, it may even seem that there is no way out of this situation, and some men settle for a life of ‘equality,’ taking in chores they do not like and — if we’re totally frank — cannot take care of appropriately. But what if there was a better way? What if you knew you could find a wife who takes on most (or even all) traditionally female duties? That may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what Russian mail order brides can accomplish.

In a few clicks, you can join a professional dating website and explore the endless opportunities of online dating. You can meet and date Russian women, and if you’re lucky enough to find someone truly special, you can take this gorgeous lady home and make her your wife. And trust us — this a decision very few men come to regret. Curious? Find out why in the paragraphs below.

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Why men lose their heads over hot Russian brides?

Well, one of the answers to this is already in the question: Russian girls are hot. Still, one can find plenty of beautiful single women, and one does not necessarily have to look so far or even join a dating agency to meet them. So, the right question you should be asking is ‘do Russian women make good wives?’; and our answer would be — yes, they do! That is exactly why so many Western men would love to meet as many hot Russian brides as they can and eventually marry one of these astonishing ladies. And here is why:

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Russian women value families more than their careers

Russian brides are very family-focused, and they value traditional nuclear families over anything else. It does not mean that family will be the only thing they appreciate in life, but it will be her top priority. For example, if she has to make a choice between her home and her career, she will choose the first option.

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They are smart, educated, and resourceful

On the other hand, beautiful Russian brides hardly ever need to choose between their careers and their homes because most of them can easily combine both. For decades now, generations of Russian women have been getting excellent education worked full-time jobs, while still taking great care of their families. You can even say that such a gift is already in their gene code because ever since the Soviet Revolution of 1917, women were granted equal rights. However, the society was not yet quite ready for such a huge social and political change, so beautiful Russian women had to adapt to their new breadwinning roles along with performing their traditional housekeeping duties. Their energy, quick wit, and vast emotional resources allow them to cope with both — to the great surprise of their lucky husbands.

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Russian girls gladly take on traditionally female roles

Still, the fact that hot Russian women can earn their own living while keeping the house clean and tidy does not mean they would mind focusing on just one of those aspects. And, as you may already guess, she’d rather choose in favor of running the house and taking care of the children is she’s given a choice. So, if you are confident you can support a family, your beautiful wife will not have a problem doing all the household chores while you take care of the finances. Few Western women would not see such a choice as a sacrifice; but, as you can plainly see, Russian wives are a pleasant exception.

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Women from Russia are the best of mothers

Russian women brides eventually become amazing mothers. They are caring and supportive, and they have the energy to raise even the toughest, the most active kids. They will patiently explain their children the ABC of human relationship and the way this world works. To every ‘why’ her kid asks, she will find an age-appropriate and reasonable explanation. If it means learning new things in the process, she will not mind that. Her curious mind and loving heart will help her bring up independent, smart, and — most importantly — unspoiled children.

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How do Russian mail order brides sites work?

Chances are, you’ve already tried a couple of dating services and, if you used free international websites, you could have been disappointed with the result. The reason for this disappointment is that you used an unreliable site that does not verify their users’ identities and does literally nothing to shield their clients from fraud.

Professional mail order brides sites are a different matter. Here, you are supposed to pay a monthly fee for using the services, but in return, you are protected from online fraud and scam. A website like this will often have a series of local divisions where each bride’s identity will be verified — right on the spot. First off, an agency does that to ensure that absolutely all Russian women for marriage they feature on their site are real and, indeed, ready to remarry. This, first of all, means that only single and divorced ladies can join. If a woman is separated from her husband, for example, she will first need to make her divorce official; only then she’ll be allowed to join.

Such a strict verification procedure is not the only thing a professional dating agency invests in. Apart from the initial background check, most sites will give each of their brides a call now and then. This measure ensures that the lady who registered with the site is still the same person who manages the account. So, even if one of the Russian girls stops using her account, and it gets hacked, the site management will still eliminate this profile — it’s just a matter of time. So, if you talk to one of the ladies and have concerns about her profile legitimacy, contact the site management, and they will run a background check on that account.

As for the rest, these marriage sites are pretty similar to most other international dating services you’ve used. So, even if you see a website that offers to mail order Russian brides, do not take this expression too literally. This is just a cliche in the dating world that means all single Russian women you meet on such sites are ready to relocate, nothing more. It never means that you can literally buy a Russian bride and have her delivered to your door.

Simply put, your Russian women online dating experience will come down to: 

  • Registering with the service for free;
  • Filling in your profile description;
  • Making use of the site’s search algorithms to find a good match;
  • Talking to the ladies;
  • Visiting one or several of them in person;
  • Choosing your perfect match and proposing to her.
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Fees you are expected to pay

We already mentioned that meeting Russian brides online — if, of course, you meet them via a reputable service — is not free. This concept puts many single men off, even though the websites have a perfectly viable reason for charging service fees. Increased security is only one of those reasons. On top of that, most reputable sites will offer interested men help with their travel arrangements; some would even go as far as to provide Russian mail order wives with all necessary paperwork, marriage visas included. If you’ve had any experience with international red-tape, you should know how priceless this offer is.

Still, before you even get to marriage, you are supposed to pay communication fees. While it is possible to register with most dating websites for free, communication will cost you. Here, the billing logic depends on the actual site. Some sites run on a subscription basis, which is quite handy because you get a chance to subscribe for a list of communication means you’ll need (for example, only letters without live chats or both) and enjoy unlimited communication for a fixed price.

A possible alternative would be to choose a dating website that does not feature any subscriptions but bills clients for every service they use. Such an approach may seem a flexible one, but it is not necessarily cheaper — especially, on your first stages of dating Russian women. Most likely, you will want to meet as many ladies as you can, which, in turn, means you’ll need to send (and pay for) quite a lot of messages.

Besides, even subscription-based platforms may offer additional services that are not included in standard membership plans. For example:

  • Gift delivery: since a lot of reputable agencies will have local divisions, some sites will offer you a chance to surprise the lady you like with a gift. It will be delivered to her locally, and will not cost you a lot because you will not be paying international delivery fees. The selection will usually include flowers, candy, perfume, and some affordable jewelry.
  • Message translation: while most beautiful Russian brides — especially young girls — will be more or less savvy in English, you may come across an amazing woman whose grammar skills are quite poor. In such a case, you can hire an internal site translator. If you do not like the idea of someone else going over your private letters, no worries. There are plenty of sites that have automatic translation included in their premium memberships.
  • Travel and visas: these, of course, will have to be paid separately as well. If you do get married, you will be expected to pay all of the embassy’s fees, alongside with the site commission (only if you hire them to take care of the paperwork; there is no commission for meeting your actual bride).

In addition, some sites will offer clients a bunch of free resources — for example, cultural tips on dating Russian women, advice on online relationships, etc. If there is such an option, we suggest reading quite a lot of those blogs — especially, articles with cultural tips. It’s not always easy to find common ground with the lady who leaves next door, even if you come from the same country and culture. When flirting with women from overseas, things can turn even more complicated. So, do your homework and try to learn as much as you can about Russia in general and beautiful Russian women in particular. This will surely help you on your path of finding a perfect bride.

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Final tips on dating Russian women online

There are plenty of websites that will welcome you into their Russian brides club. We, however, suggest that you take things slow and do not register with the first platform you see. Read some reviews, compare the prices, take a look at the women’s profiles, etc. Then, you can decide if this particular dating agency would work for you.

Once you register, remember that no dating website in this world is fully protected from hackers and do not disclose too much personal and financial info. Go for sites that do not store your credit card details and never discuss financial matters with the ladies (this, by the way, is considered rude in Russia). Do not post pictures of your documents or bank statements. Simply put, follow standard Internet security rules in your search for a perfect bride.

As for the length of your search, note that most men find their ideal match within a year. So, use this time to meet as many beautiful Russian brides as you want, but stick to the picture of your perfect wife — she may well be there already, looking for you.


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